Welcome to my website! I am a Professional artist (BSc. L. Arch) who loves nature and architecture!! Lana Art is all about showcasing my work (Scroll to the GALLERY below). If you like what you see, you can either buy an existing piece from the FEATURED ARTWORK Section or scroll down to the ORDER AN ARTWORK Section. You can also read more about me in the ABOUT Section.


Ordering an artwork can be something very special and personal. Buying art is not something you do every day, but I believe when you do, you do so for a lifetime! Make it count!
Artwork tend to travel from generation to generation, carrying with it the memories of the person and the space it once belonged to.

How does it work?

1. Do you have an idea of what Artwork you would like?  You may even have something specific in mind.  Send me an email with your ideas / images / photos*. Email Lana
2. Together we can then determine what would make a good composition. I will consider elements such as balance, colour & detail.  I can combine photos or ideas. For instance, I can replace a plain sky with a more cloudy one.
3.Download the “Size & Price List” PDF below for more practical steps & payment options**.


Price & Size List (PDF)

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My aim with making art is to capture atmosphere, light, colour and effect – more than perfection; turning a photo or image into something captivating and artistic.


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*Please note:  A good photograph does not necessarily make good content for an artwork, but this is rarely the case.  I am adventurous with the themes for artworks, but if your request includes something I don’t agree with or is not within my field of art expertise, then I would advise you to find someone else.  I am also cautious of copyright issues and assume that you are either the owner of or asked for permission in order for me to use the image/foto(s) you provide.
**Delivery / Pickup arrangements to be made with me personally and is not reflected in the initial quote.



How do I make a payment? What are my options?

Read Payment Options

How does the payment work? An EFT transfer or cash is accepted. An ordered artwork requires a 40% deposit of the total amount quoted before I can start with the work. Artwork can only be collected once the total payment has been made and received.

If you would like to pay off an artwork over a 3 month period:

– Featured Artwork: 1st month 40%, 2nd & 3rd month 30% each.

– Ordered Artwork: A non-refundable deposit of 40% of the quoted total price is payable at the start of the project. The outstanding amount of the total needs to be paid once the work is completed and before collection. This 60% can be paid as a once off OR over a two month period (1st month 40%, 2nd & 3rd month 30% each.).

If you have selected your preferred artwork(s) and would like to pay, please send me an email so I can forward you my bank details and arrange for pickup/delivery.

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ABOUT Lana Venter (de Villiers)

Since I can remember, I have always loved being creative! Drawing and painting is the way I express myself. After nearly having lost sight in both my eyes, I am more determined than ever that I must use my artistic talent!


I currently live in Richardsbay, a coastal town in KwaZulu Natal, South African. I am originally from Pretoria.

I am an artist with a sense of adventure. I love visiting new natural settings while feeling the wind in my face. I am also quite fond of old architectural structures and buildings.

Through the use of art I can relive and explore my experiences – capturing textures and patterns; the interplay between light and colour.

I completed a degree in Landscape Architecture (BSc. L.Arch) at the University of Pretoria which greatly expanded my creative skills and enriched my walk as an artist.

While growing up, my family and I traveled through unique landscapes. As I am not a good ProfilePicMorcar-snoozer, I spent countless hours looking at the passing scenery. Thinking. Dreaming. Staring… Drinking in the landscape. Combine this with a little girl who distinguished between her right and left hand by testing with which one she could draw a flower, and, after many years of hard work and a passion for art, I became a full-time Artist.



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I am filled with awe when I think of the marvel of sight itself.  I nearly lost my sight after a very serious bacterial infection. My right eye recovered much faster than the left, which took several months to stabilize. This life changing and challenging situation has made me even more determined to pursue my art career and be passionate about it. I consequently had a cornea transplant.  The healing process takes on average 12 months so I’m still waiting to have functional sight in my left eye. 

I believe that art has the power to capture the hearts of people – their attention and imagination. Unfortunately this powerful medium is also used to add to the confusion, meaninglessness and darkness that is part our world.


Creativity is one of the most obvious characteristics of God – this is evident in how creative He had been in all of Creation. I found it interesting that, according to the Bible, the first person of whom it was said to have been “filled with the Spirit” was Bezalel (see Exodus 31:1-5 & also 28:3) so that he would be able to make artistic designs.

In all that I do, including art, I want to honour my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. My artwork is an expression of worship to my King. It has been said that art is always a means and never an end in itself.”



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“Creativity is a wild mind and disciplined eye.”

Dorothy Parker