A Line On The Horison

SOLD       Size: ± 122×40,5×3,5cm / 48x16x1,5″

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Artwork Description:

An interesting phenomenon often takes place while I work on a particular artwork.  Somehow, without it having been my intention, it starts to symbolise something that is taking place in my life during the time of its creation.
It is similar to what happens when one listens to music – when we hear it enough we subconsciously attach memories and emotions to it.  The events and feelings of that time gets associated with it.  Years later, when we hear it again, you experience those same emotions and the memories are triggered.
I haven’t done a seascape in a long while.  I really longed to work on something turquoise – an artwork that would convey a sense of freedom and calm.  But… it became much more than that.  I discovered that there is also a line on my horison.
I wrote this poem as an expression of what I experienced and thought about during its creation.  I wrote it the week before my cornea transplant*.  There were times when the artwork drew me in like it was a spiritual place and that God was calling me out onto the waters; to trust him.  I won’t interpret the rest for you as part of it is still uncertain.  Time will tell.

A Line on the Horison:

  Is it that I see in part?

    Is it that I’m afraid that my feet may fail?

      Yet, I hear you calling me out onto the waters…

      You invite me to discover the line on the horison

    Will my eyes come to focus?

  Will the line become land?

 img_20170202_150742_753I have always been a fan of turquoise and spent countless hours exploring its various shades and tints in this artwork.  At first I didn’t realise how technically challenging this project would turn out to be.
There are multiple layers of slightly differing turquoises that are interwoven to give that transparent and at times almost luminous feel to it.  I also discovered that the foam is more often than not, a tint of purple.  At times I also mixed this light purple with “buff titanium” (a creamy colour).
I haven’t worked on a sea landscape of this scale before and was very happy when it finally came together!  When viewed from a distance the wave on the right and the land on the left, combined with the movement created with the clouds and waves, seem to draw the viewer to the point where they meet – the line on the horison where the land becomes hazy and fades into the sea.
*For more background on my infection & cornea transplant read Blog: Out of the Blue & Blog: On the Bright Side.  The second blog also explains the process that lead up to this artwork from a different personal angle.

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• March 7, 2017

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