Kolmanskop III

Lana de Villiers, Lana Art, South African Artist, Kolmanskop, Namibia, Sand in House, Bright walls, Light

FOR SALE: R5700    Size: ± 61x61x3,5cm / 24x24x1,5″

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Artwork Description:

Time is running out for these deserted houses of Kolmanskop, Namibia…but their fading inner beauty still catches the eye.
Kolmanskop used to be a small and rich diamond mining town from around 1908 to 1954*, after which it was abandoned.  I find these old buildings to be very charming and alluring.  If those walls could talk, what stories would they be able to tell?  Now these houses speak in the wind as their roofs creak and whistle, announcing further deterioration as more sand is deposited on the inside.
The landscape surrounding Kolmanskop is very arid and dry.  Houses built on sand.  Cloudless blue skies form the backdrop to creamy coloured dunes.  Life has left for the most part.  A few dry shrubs survive around the edges of the houses and little else.  A true ghost town.
In order to compensate for the lack of colour on the outside, the people painted the interior walls of their houses with bright colours! The combination of beams of sunlight streaming in through broken windows and doors, colourful walls, and the contrast between its architectural lines and sand heaps make for excellent material to work with as an artist!
In a way these houses seem timeless, like they will last forever.

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1. Incremental Payments

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As this is an international payment there will most probably be additional shipment and handling fees.
Please email me through the form down below.  Indicate which artwork you would like to purchase and what physical address I should use in order to inquire regarding shipment details and costs.  I will then come back to you with the total amount due.  Once we have reached an agreement I will send you an email payment request via PayFast.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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• September 29, 2016

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