Savannah Red

Red Savannah, African Sunset, African Art, Ground Hornbills, Acacia tree, Lana de Villiers, Lana Art

FOR SALE: R6700       Size: ± 60 x 91.5 x 3,5cm / 24 x 36 x 1,5″

Artwork Description:

Savannah Red is an artwork that I started last year (2016), but never finished due to the strain on my eyes that came as a result of its bright and contrasting colours.  I recently dusted it off and decided it is time for this artwork to get done.  It wasn’t as challenging this time round, but I still won’t pick such an intense image for my next artwork!
This artwork shows a large sky, filled with clouds that range from a burnt red all the way to some oranges and yellow and a tinge of purple.  The savannah scene toward the bottom of the artwork shows an equally bright, but peaceful grassy area that gives scale to the sky.  There is some detail on the tree and African Ground Hornbills that points toward the fact that the actual sunset is still a few seconds away.  Yet, in so many ways it screams African sunset!

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  • Personal collection in Richards Bay, RSA
  • For Local Shipping (RSA): Postnet-to-Postnet is the preferred method and really affordable (Budget ± R200).
  • For International Shipping: Details to be discussed on a case by case basis.
    Please note: Most countries charge an additional import tax that is payable by the client at the point of delivery and varies from country to country. Please check with your local authorities.

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An EFT transfer or cash is accepted.
Please contact me via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page so that I can send you an invoice & my banking details. We can then also discuss the collection details / shipment

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• November 17, 2016

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  1. Debbie Swinton says:

    Pragtig! Tipiese Afrika sonsondergang.

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