Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand

  • Lana Art, Lana Venter de Villiers, Acrylic on Canvas, Landscape Art, South African Artist
    wTable Mountain from Bloubergstrand
  • Lana Art, Lana Venter de Villiers, Acrylic on Canvas, Landscape Art, South African Artist
    Table Mountain With Flowers

Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand – R7600       Size: ± 61 x 91,5 x 3,5cm / 24 x 36 x 1,5″

Table Mountain with Flowers – SOLD      Size: ± 61 x 91,5 x 3,5cm / 24 x 36 x 1,5″

Artwork Description:

These two Artworks on Table Mountain I did while I still had the eye infection.  Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand came first and was a real test, but also a huge victory!
At first it was a real struggle.  It took me a long time to adapt to painting with one functional eye and the other covered and hurting.  Have you ever tried to catch a ball while keeping one eye closed?  If you have, then you will know that you lack depth perception and will probably miss it.  This is due to the fact that you no longer have binocular vision.  Binocular vision is when the field of view of your two eyes are overlapping, allowing good perception of depth (Google Word Definition, 2017).  This ability is mostly needed for judging distances within an arms length.
The brain is an amazingly adaptable organ.  By now I am fairly used to working in this way as I still lack normal depth perception.  Most people can’t tell that I can’t judge close distances very well unless they try to hand me a cup of coffee in mid air!!
These artworks both portray Table Mountain.  Whenever I am privileged enough to be in Cape Town I can’t resist climbing it!  There are few places on earth that can compare in terms of breathtaking views!  When I started with these two artworks, my journey of fighting for my eye sight had only just begun and I felt like I needed to set a challenge for myself that could run apart, but also parallel to my physical battle – something that could take my view off of my situation.
I was also celebrating the fact that we could save my right eye.  In a sense I had to prove to myself that I could still paint even without my left eye.  Ironically, both of these works have a strong focus on perspective and detail
Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand: As the first of the two, I also call it Spes Bona (good hope) as I had to keep good hope that things will get better.  It shows Table Mountain with an early morning sky and the waves crashing right in front of you.  Mist still lies on the ‘sleeping’ city while the sun rises and its rays reflect off of the water.
Table Mountain with Flowers: Table Mountain is the backdrop to small, flower-filled shrubbery.  The viewers eyes move from the detail in the foreground over the sea to where the sky meets the mountain and ocean at the back.  The cloud pattern and mist on the horison emphasises the mountain even more.  There is something fascinating about this artwork as the use of colour and detail keeps you eye on the move.
Read more about my eye infection & surgery.

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• June 14, 2016

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